Wendy Woo hasn’t put out a solo album since Angels Laughing in 2005. It was a fan favorite then and 
continues to be her most requested album. Now, 14 years later, is the follow-up solo album, The 
Immigrant. Pure Woo. Sweet, introspective, rueful. Songs about family, change, growing older. This is the 
memory album, the coffeehouse album, the wine with old friends album, the father passing album. This is 
her life and the lives of those around her. 

Being released as a single, “The Weather” is a jazzy, melancholy, guitar-infused reflection about living in 
somber times. 

“Plane to China” is Woo’s ode to her Filipino immigrant father, Bataan Faigao, and to a childhood spent 
among the Beat poets who frequented the Faigao home in Boulder. Allen Ginsberg hung out in the hot 
tub, took photos around the kitchen table, and dedicated a poem to Bataan. Gregory Corso taught her to 
play poker. Ken Kesey welcomed the family to his Oregon farm. The Faigaos, tai chi teachers who were 
founding faculty at Naropa, were part of Boulder’s history and were widely mourned when they passed. 

“This Little Town,” co-written with her husband Charles Snyder (who grew up in Loveland where they live 
now) captures small town life. Drinking, cruising, parties at the lake, dreams of what could be. 

Vic’s, the neighborhood coffeehouse near her family home, inspired another song. Like “Plane to China,” 
“Vic’s Coffee” features a parade of Boulder types — both locals and arrivals from other places — who 
wove themselves into Woo’s life. Similarly, “Birthday Phone Call” also connects Woo with old Boulder 
friends, ones who have seen their share of hard times. 

“Keep on Livin'” harkens back to Woo’s earliest recordings. It’s an instrumental with Woo on guitar and 
Hannah Alkire (Acoustic Eidolon) on cello. They recorded and performed together as young Boulder 
musicians. Now they both live in Northern Colorado: their lives evolving and yet coming full circle. 

The one song on the album not written by Woo is “Landslide,” which is now included in her live show 
repertoire. Woo’s rich voice lends depth to this Stevie Nicks classic. 

Wendy Woo has been a mainstay in the Colorado music scene for over 20 years. She has lived and 
played in Boulder, then Denver, and now Northern Colorado and has been named best singer/songwriter 
in each location (plus a slew of other recognitions). Westword just did a feature about her in honor of the 
Westword Music Showcase’s 25th anniversary celebration. She’s one of the few performers who has 
earned a spot in the Music Showcase Hall of Fame. While Woo has toured nationally (playing in famed 
venues including the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, the Bitter End in NYC, the Hotel Cafe in LA, and 
Sweetwater in Mill Valley), she and Colorado are inseparable.

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The Samples and the Wendy Woo Band rocked it in Denver! 

Review of the recent WWB show with The Samples.


The Samples and the Wendy Woo Band served up amazing performances Saturday night at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO. This fun venue hosted these popular local bands Saturday night, Jan. 21, 2017, and the audience soaked it all up. It was like hanging out with a bunch of friends in a comfortable living room with plenty of space and tasty drinks. There was a lot of joy in the house as the Wendy Woo Band got it all started with some bluesy rock, jazz, and heartfelt folk songs that got every toe tapping. Following that The Samples got fans on their feet jamming to their tunes like 25 years had never gone by. 

The night was filled with good music and good times. The Wendy Woo Band took the stage with energy and smiles. Wendy’s voice and enthusiasm charmed the audience as she switched between her gorgeous electric and acoustic guitars throughout the performance. The real treat was when she went unplugged with the acoustic guitar and turned her instrument into both strings and drums with a technique she calls “slaptap.” The violinist was also fabulous as she melded with Wendy’s guitar, along with treating everyone to some delicious hip hop. Jimmy Lane was back with the band for just that evening and played straight to the audience's hearts on the keys with a big smile on his face. Their song "On with the Show" really got the dance floor hopping. 

The energy at The Oriental took some serious steps up as the lights came on with The Samples on stage. The dance floor quickly filled up with fans ready to jam to the long time popular Boulder, CO band. Lead singer Sean Kelly sang with passion and fun. 25 years later the band’s sound was rich and true, and Sean Kelly sang with passion and fun. Their recent song “America” and the old favorite “Weight of the World” were definitely crowd pleasers, and of course their claim to fame “Did you Ever Look So Nice” sounded perfect. It was like 25 years have never gone by. Kelly had the video camera out and recorded the night’s joy throughout the performance. Halfway through the show, there was some very random entertainment when someone in shiny silver suit bounced and danced his way to the stage for his moment of glory. 

The Oriental Theater is a popular and very affordable venue that offers up some great entertainment from live music to comedy shows and private events. Check out the website to see what they have going on

Colleen Bennett

Scene Magazine Review of Tipping Point 


tippingpoint1400x14004.5 stars out of 5

Fort Collins’ powerhouse Wendy Woo, has released yet another fantastic album. This ten-song album is complex and full of many different music styles. Wendy Woo is known for her soulful and powerful vocals, and this album is no exception. The majority of the album has a country rock feel, but she adds reggae, Latin and blues influences as well. “Takin’ Pills” is the perfect anthem for a wild night out. It has a honky tonk sound. “Mile High Blues” blends blues and country in perfect harmony while painting a picture of current events in Colorado. “Backbone Road” is perfect for driving that empty dirt road alone at 1 am. The stand out track on this album is “Picture Frame.” It has a reggae sound throughout with a beach-y tone that goes along with her easygoing attitude. Overall, the album is full of musical twists and turns and is so much fun to listen to.

- Mikaela Antonelli

Colorado Music Buzz Review of Tipping Point 


by Tim Wenger

Wendy Woo Band has been working to master the radio-friendly pop-rock style and the new album Tipping Point is a big step in the right direction. Wendy Woo brings an authoritative, but tenderly appealing, vocal command that dominates the group’s sound and her lyricism is very personal- almost as if she is writing a letter directly to the listener.

The track “On With The Show” brings a harder, almost punk, feel that demonstrates the diversity of Woo and her crew, while the title track “Tipping Point” showcases the band’s typical groove-laden dance feel. There are moments on the album that remind me of Sarah Mclachlan, others where Woo ventures in her own very unique direction, but the feel of the music never strays from appealing and very danceable.

Grammy Winning Producer Jim Gaines to Craft WWB's Next Album 

Carlos Santana and Jim Gaines, 1982

In December, Colorado’s popular singer/songwriter Wendy Woo will be recording her 11th album. The producer will be multi-Grammy winner Jim Gaines, who has worked with Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Lee Hooker, Journey, Steve Miller Band, Huey Lewis and the News, Blues Traveler, Albert Collins, Albert Cummings, George Thorogood, and many others.

Returning to Colorado Sound Studios to record, Woo will be joined by her band, and some special guests.  The album will include a mix of blues, country, and rock and is scheduled for a February 2015 release.


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